There is more than one way to treat your symptoms and lessen the pain.

Our not-for-profit's mission is to spread awareness of the difficulties in facing concussions, pain, and mental illness and to hopefully change the stigma of dealing with these issues while providing coping strategies that individuals and families might find helpful.

About CPMHA Campaign

Our not-for-profit’s goal is to spread awareness of CTE and mental health issues and to change the stigma of both while providing coping strategies that someone might find helpful. Paolo’s experiences with the complicated healthcare rules regarding CTE will be a helpful guide while others navigate the health care system. He refers to what he has come across as the “medical maze.” Paolo has created a system of checks and balances through his experiences with doctors and insurance companies following his diagnosis of post-TBI/CTE.


“There is always more than one way to get better. Hopefully someone going through a difficult time can learn from my coping strategies. I have learned that in order to get out of the darkness, one has to keep moving in a positive direction.” –Paolo Dell Aquila


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CPMHA’s Key Focus Areas are:

National Online Confidential Support Group

CPMHA provides online support groups where individuals can use our platform as an outlet. Support will be based on your personal challenges. Our team members are volunteers and not trained psychologists or psychiatrists.

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Public School Education About Mental Health

CPMHA strives to work with the public school system to identify common pain points and struggles, as well as mentor the teachers and staff on how to guide their students in regards to mental health.

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This program is geared toward youth amateur sports. We will be working with coaches and sports neurologists to make a cutting-edge prevention plan. This will aid parents and volunteer coaches in working to prevent sports-related concussions.

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