A Day in the Life of Paolo

A Day in the Life of Paolo.

You wake up with a terrible migraine.

You close the blinds to help decrease headache symptoms.

You take a shower for relief and to get started on your day.

While exiting the shower, you are starting to feel the symptoms of vertigo and the room begins to spin.

Your partner, who looks after the dogs and the house, prepares your medication before she gets to work.

Alongside keeping the blinds closed, you keep sounds and other triggers at bay.

You have been advised not to drive, but you must make it to your treatment appointments that take up the majority of your day, so you arrange transportation to make it on time and to get errands done.

You sometimes have to wear a bracelet with your address on it because you have forgotten where you were, and needed assistance getting back home, but you feel you don’t need it today.

You attend your back-to-back treatment appointments from 8:00am until 2:00pm.

Your guard is maintained when being introduced to new doctors because many can misdiagnose and incorrectly prescribe medications that could alter the differing symptoms in your body.

A seizure occurs; you seize and bend like a bow and arrow while everyone scrambles around you to help.

You cannot be restricted in your seizing due to the danger of your strength and previous athletic training.

You experience all sorts of pain hours after you have come out of the seizure.

Your back hurts but you’ll never feel relief because it is only reached through a surgical procedure. The procedure cannot be done due to your herniated disks that would only worsen the condition.

These are only some of the events that could and/or do occur in Paolo’s daily life. If you experience the same, you are not alone. CPMHA is here to help.


*Disclaimer: Paolo is not a licensed doctor or therapist. He merely advises based on experience. He also advises people to do their own research and homework*