Adult Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Support Group

Goal: To provide service to those in suicidal crisis

The group is designed to provide resources to everyone intrusive suicidal thoughts or actively thinking of hurting themselves or others.

Focus On:

  • Comfortable setting to share your story
  • National resources will be provided to each participant of the group
  • Designed for everyone 18 or older
  • Free of charge and confidential

Group Description:

The mission of this support group is to provide services to all individuals in mental health crisis who find themselves experiencing intrusive suicidal thoughts, destructive behaviors or tendencies. The group will be run by undergraduate and recently graduated volunteers whose education aligns with this purpose. The main focus of the group is to provide a comfortable environment for all to share their story, help relieve stress, manage emotional pain, and offer referrals to nationally available mental health services. For anyone 18 years and older. The group is free and confidential.