Burnout in Sports

sports burnout

Having played soccer for over 13 years, it was all I ever really knew growing up. As a child most of my time was spent at soccer fields, whether it was for my games, training, or watching my brothers play. Everybody always tells you, “It’s great that you have a huge passion for the sport”, but nobody really addresses the fact that the pressure can really get to you after some time. You push and push your body until you reach a point where you just don’t function the same. The constant pushing not only messes with your physical well being, but it all takes a
toll on your mental state.

Having to constantly push yourself because your team is counting on you and having pressure from your parents, eventually leads to a burnout. You work so hard growing up in order to earn a spot on a collegiate team, and you feel as if one of your deepest desires has been fulfilled. However, then you realize that this is only going to intensify over the course of the next few years. It then hits you that you are burning out. You try your best but there’s only so much you can give before you realize that you have to stop.

Having to say goodbye to the sport that you had played for most of your life is devastating. There comes a point where you truly understand that even though you still really like the port, you simply just cannot perform at the level you once used to. I was going to defer for a season and join in the spring, but as time passed it became clear that my life was headed towards a different direction and even if I wanted to play soccer again, I simply could not. I had more things to focus on and realized that soccer was my past and it was time to move forward.

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