Case Study – Day 13

I am still not able to do my gym session. I met with my primary care doctor and I got my bloodwork back; I will be posting it on the website. My vitals and blood pressure are better, and my pulse was great. I lost 14 pounds.

I am introducing spaghetti squash, with Rao’s marinara sauce, it’s the only sauce I’ve ever have and it’s the closest to what I make. I also added sweet potatoes and I am going to be having Cheerios every day to reduce my cholesterol. I also found a great product from Trader Joe’s to curve my sweet tooth and sugar cravings; it’s called simply light fine chocolate bar, and it contains no sugar added zero trans fats gluten-free. This can be a lifesaver for me at night with my cravings I can have a couple pieces and drink a lot of water. If something is too good to be true you know the saying, I’ll have to do my research on the product because on the back it says 2 g of sugar and 9 g of sugar alcohol which I don’t know what that is.

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