Case Study – Day 15

I have the house to myself, just me and my two dogs and there is complete peace and great energy. Pain and migraines are pretty bad as expected, but my neck and joints are feeling a little relief. There has been no ringing or sounds in my brain or senses. I’m extremely upbeat, motivated by the support of my small team of Andrew and Sarah and I am calm and have no anger working on coping skills for dealing with frustration and I think is working. My memory, concentration and vision have all seen a decrease. I went through my old workouts reaching back to 2015 when I started the CTE symptoms on a very small scale. I decided to push through the pain and do a very small-scale nonfunctioning strength test today. I could barely do three sets hope 20 push-ups. Back in 2015 I was bench pressing 395lbs one set of five. One set of three in the last set of one at 400lbs again this was not a functional or suggested training technique.

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