Case Study – Day 3

Day 3 with Paolo

Day 6, Feeling confident in my ability to remain disciplined and consistent with the CPMHA nutrition and supplement plan. Noticeable side effects include a decline in my energy levels as well as excruciating, debilitating pain. As a result, I have not been able to complete a physical therapy session or a tailored workout.  Next week, I will work to push through and complete my scheduled regime. My body is experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to cutting out processed sugar from my diet. As a result, I am coping with extreme nausea and sweats. While other symptoms such as the migraine and fatigue may be attributed to my post TBI, it’s unclear if they could also be a factor of the new dietary restraints. Research has detailed that withdrawal from cutting out processed sugar will have an effect on the body lasting anywhere from 7 to 10 days.

The blood labs results are not back yet.. The technician took 12 vials of what looked to be red glue, as it slowly filled to the top. The technician detailed that her previous role at a blood bank conducted a procedure where they would withdrawal a pint of blood to increase circulation, promoting a thinner, healthier bloodstream. She had conducted the procedure on a few S.W.A.T team officers, and a fraction had noticeable differences in neck pain immediately following the process, even with claims of feeling “healthier” overall, which was further defined as increased energy and mental responsiveness, as well as heightened serotonin and endorphin levels.

She then told me to contact my doctor first thing in the morning and request that he write a prescription to withdrawal a pint of blood to a blood bank. She elaborated that I could be a prime candidate for a stroke or a heart attack due to the thickness of hemoglobin in my blood count.

Unfortunately. my primary care doctor, is on vacation for two weeks. With that being said, I reached out to the covering doctor to see if he’d be able to follow through on the technician’s request. Several messages had been shared to him over the span of two days without any word back, and even a visit in person. The only news I was given was that I would have to wait out the next two weeks until Dr. X returned from vacation.

Thanks to Medicaid, my conditions qualify me for some medical coverage and relief. But, if I would’ve had a better insurance plan, I would be able to see better doctors and get better care.

However, I am grateful for what I have because a lot of people that CPMHA has the ability to help don’t have insurance of any type.

Daily hurdles I have to go through in effort to get proper medical attention is incredibly lengthy and stressful. I have never been a hypochondriac, and I try to not be high maintenance.  I’ve always made an effort to show appreciation and kindness when dealing with the medical community. But honestly, I feel when you’re flagged with the mental illness of any kind you’re treated different. The challenge is the misconstrued stereotypes and jaded, cataclysmically-elitist ideologies. When coming to a practice in an effort to express a medical request, it’s not uncommon to be looked down on me and told, “What do you expect? You have Medicaid not a PPO.” If I wasn’t so proactive, I would receive no treatment at all. I tell my family and friends how the system wears you out. If you have a mental health issue. They should make it easier to assist somebody and streamline the process. Hopefully one day the United States healthcare system will get their act together. If enough of us Bring their situation to the people in charge or spread awareness like our camping and Oprah Winfrey up-and-coming documentary on mental illness. (Note) We are trying to get on their radar. anyone who comes across our platform. I would love for you to refer us to her staff. In closing I hope you all stay strong. Be kind to others, be productive today and tomorrow. And call your local politician and complain blow up their phones or vote them out of office until they make it easier on you and your family to get proper healthcare.


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