Principal photography and pre-biomarkers and data start January 1, 2022.

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Paolo Dell Aquila, former honored amateur athlete, entrepreneur, and founder of the National not-for-profit CPMHA.COM (Concussions, Pain, and Mental Health Awareness), is embarking upon an amazing journey in the final chapter of his life. While his terminal diagnosis is a negative reality, Paolo is dedicated to transforming a negative situation into a positive one. In addition to writing his emotionally riveting and shockingly transparent life memoirs, “Changing My Narrative: Tears From Above,” he is working with the Dream Team Consultants to film a documentary titled “There Is More Than One Way to Treat Your Symptoms,” which addresses some of the nation’s current top health pain points. As an independent medical study, in this documentary, we will share the trials and tribulations of Paolo’s story, showcase information about science and related tools to health professionals, patients, and loved ones. Through this forum cutting-edge medical treatments, research, facilities, and products will be showcased at zero cost. This will offer unique insights into the healthcare industry, provide free health-related resources and information to the audience, and feature expertise from the top physicians and scientists from around the world that Paolo calls the Dream Team.

Paolo believes that someone’s health is their greatest wealth and hopes to positively impact lives everywhere. He recognizes the effects of health care disparities and aspires to help families develop strategies and use science to overcome chronic physical and/or mental pain along with the collateral damage that affects others outside of the patient as well. When a loved one is suffering, we all suffer.

Our Dream Team Consultants will grant one-of-a-kind insight into the proper protocol, cutting-edge research, and science-backed treatments for Paolo’s condition and symptoms. This expertise will be shared with the general public and others will be able to utilize these resources to relieve their symptoms and challenges they face daily.

Building The Team:
This team of some of the world’s most brilliant minds– consisting of M.D., D.O., ND, Physicians, Ophthalmologists, Ph.D. scientists, neurobiologists, microbiologists, a psychologist, chiropractic specialists, and holistic specialists amongst others. These experts will pass on their knowledge and strategy to address a variety of symptoms and treatments. This knowledge will be shared with the audience, Paolo, and his South Florida doctors to monitor and document Paolo’s before and after biomarkers, data, and tests, formulate treatment plans and communicate with the other Dream members of the Dream Team from around the world.

Additionally, The Dream Team, experts will share valuable information about their research and area of specialty to educate the public through no cost with this Visual experience. Their unique perspectives will hopefully inspire individuals everywhere and pave the way for progress within medicine and society as a whole as they all work together throughout an amazing journey with specially designed, cutting-edge treatment plans.

Through this documentary, Paolo also seeks to educate medical professionals and the general population regarding new and effective alternative treatment methods; how to navigate the health care system, and how to advocate for your health, not settling to be treated just as a policy number. Paolo hopes his work will reduce healthcare disparities due to socioeconomic factors and empower patients everywhere.

Medical professionals and scientists are truly guardian angels. They change the world for the better and have the unique power to influence a person’s quality of life and potentially save lives. In the United States, however, not all individuals receive the same quality of care and there are numerous barriers to health care accessibility—cultural and/or language barriers, resource availability, provider numbers in rural versus urban areas, lack of adequate transportation, financial circumstances, insurance coverage, and more. None of these entail black and white solutions, rather progress must be made one step at a time.

Before recent financial challenges, Paolo had top-notch insurance and always experienced high-quality care from medical professionals; however, upon changing insurance providers and having reduced coverage, Paolo experienced the flip side of the coin. While some providers still went above and beyond, Paolo noticed others treated him with reduced respect and compassion, and several of the treatments that were suggested. were no longer feasible due to a lack of insurance coverage. Paolo recognizes his previous ignorance regarding health care disparities due to socioeconomic factors and hopes this documentary will shed light on important issues, encouraging others to never judge someone’s pain as less than their own.

Medical professionals have extremely challenging, arduous, and draining careers which have only been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. With time, it is easy for medical personnel to become numb to the emotional lows of health care. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult for patients to conceptualize the sacrifice health care workers give. For these reasons, Paolo aspires to use this documentary to increase physician-patient empathy and show both patient and medical professional perspectives. Additionally, he hopes this documentary will inspire future scientists, medical students, nurses, healthcare workers, and more to consider the gravity of a career in medical research and treatments to the full extent before pursuing their careers.

Paolo’s Background:

Throughout his life, Paolo suffered a combination of over 30 concussions and sub concussions from a variety of contact sports.

While Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) cannot be formally diagnosed until post-mortem, this disease is likely the culprit to Paolo’s symptoms. In 2015, Paolo’s started showing signs of Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and chronic headaches that worsened rapidly, leading to several doctors visits. These visits were largely unsuccessful since little was known about CTE and some physicians are unaware of the disease in general. As recent as today. Success finally arrived when Paolo connected with Dr. Russel Bourne.

Before his diagnosis, Paolo tried to mask his symptoms with pain medication. He never tried a cigarette in his life and refrained from trying alcohol until age 27, which he jokes is a required taste that he’s not fond of. Despite these restraints, he suffered an opiate dependency after being prescribed by a compassionate, excellent, and ethical doctor. He relied upon the pills to manage the physical and emotional pain that summated at that stage of his life. From ages 33 to 46, Paolo remained in denial of this dependency, considering “addict” to be a dirty word because of how he was raised. In 2016, after learning of his terminal illness and forcibly losing his business ventures that took over 25 years to build, Paolo almost caved to defeat contemplating suicide. Planning an exit strategy so he didn’t have to face any more pain in the future. He used the opiates, his drug of choice, as a way out, feeling like a hypocrite to everyone he once mentored to banish “quit” and “can’t” from their vocabulary.

Upon meeting Dr. Bourne, Paolo’s life course changed drastically. Dr. Bourne shared words of wisdom during the darkest period of Paolo’s life and eventually became Paolo’s mentor. He suggested that, rather than planning an exit strategy, Paolo find something positive to do each day. Dr. Bourne had something small in mind, unaware that Paolo never does anything below 110%. Soon after, Paolo founded his National nonprofit, CPMHA.COM, for the greater good. In hopes of making his final years count and using his skillsets as a creative thinker and businessman to help others. Dr. Bourne agreed to join Paolo’s campaign as the VP on the Board of Directors, and Paolo knew he could not utilize his skills sets and be efficient in completing the daily tasks that would be required if he was still on the high amount of opiate medication. Against medical advice, Paolo decided to go cold turkey and quit his pain medication, facing the brutal withdrawal phase and his demons head-on. He wanted to begin and lead his campaign with diligence and integrity and be able to foster an environment of compassion, trust, and growth. The subsequent three weeks of hard-core withdrawal was the toughest, most painful fight of his life. He coins those three weeks. “Truly fighting and dancing with the devil”, despite the day-to-day challenges of his escalating symptoms and a fear of failure. Which are all listed in the symptoms at the bottom.

Paolo’s now Ultimate purpose/motivation to share his story stems from a compassionate heart, and he refuses to be remembered as a victim or martyr.

Through his nonprofit, he works diligently to utilize all the available research, information, resources, strategic partners, and contacts to help those in crisis and their loved ones, whether they’re battling post-concussion symptoms, physical and/or mental pain, dependency issues, suicidal ideation, mental health issues, and more.

Paolo’s determination and method of madness started when he was young. with Class “A” Dyslexia, a rare form of dyslexia where he randomly loses color vision each month. That was not diagnosed until he attended college in England in the 90s. As a little boy, Paolo had learned skills on his own to survive with the label that he despises a Disability and is covered by The Equality Act 2010.

In order to cope with this learning challenge. He had to think creatively and approach problems through an altered-looking glass. No matter the project or challenge, he works tirelessly and implements coping strategies that he learned while attending college in England: how to manage the challenges of living in the world with his form of dyslexia and excelling with his method of madness.

Many have considered his work ethic borderline unhealthy, to which Paolo responds, “I can get all the sleep I need when I’m dead.” With sarcasm and laughter as an alternative medicine coping skill and self-treatment.

Paolo now realizes the error of this thought process and strives to find a healthy balance, but his dedication remains the same, believing time to be our most precious commodity. That most take for granted.

Looking back now as a former athlete, the glass was half full.

Sports was the ultimate escape. Paolo embraced and loved all aspects of the entire process to exceed his personal goals. He was drawn to these violent sports, like a magnet. Preparation, application, and competition to achieve the best possible scenario. The ultimate feeling when you succeed through hard work proving. Nothing is given to you. You have to outwork the competition. That is the secret to success. To achieve real results at a high-level you have truly want it.

He did everything possible you could do to get the best results for the challenge at hand. The return on investment Is the best feeling when it all comes together. The adrenaline rush on game day or in tournaments. Mind, body, and soul preparation. This whole process filled a huge insecurity void in his life at that time and probably kept him away from a lot of trouble which swallowed up a lot of his friends at that time who are either in jail or dead.

Still, at a relatively young age 52, people who know what challenges Paolo is dealing with now, ask him if he would have still participated in contact sports! His answer is, “for me, yes- absolutely, it sounds crazy I know. The juice was worth the squeeze for me. I loved and still love athletics just because you love something doesn’t mean whatever that thing you love. Has to love you back.” The lifelong lessons and experiences he gleaned from participating in sports aided him tremendously in the real world to excel in business. Just some of the many skill sets he developed over repetition. instilled leadership, discipline, problem-solving, work ethic, and communication skills, multitasking. While simultaneously making him more, determined, motivated, and resilient to beat the odds on the hand he was dealt. Outside of the academic institutions where he struggled and barely graduated high school.

There are a lot of variables that come in play when you possibly jeopardize your health. By participating in contact sports. It all comes down to that the kids, parents, guardians, coaches getting more educated on the short- and long-term pros and cons of the athletes’ sport of choice. And possible long-term effects of the sequences attached to the variety of sports.

Paolo and the CPMHA.COM national ambassadors, advocate for the most recent science for post-concussion protocols and treatments. As well as educating all male and female youth sports injury prevention, support programs. Ranging from extreme sports like skateboarding to football which gets the most attention on this topic. There’s so much new information out there that is not talked about. After being educated, it should be freedom of choice for the athlete and his or her guardians to make the best decision.

Documentary Information:

In this documentary, Paolo will serve as the human test subject for a six-month time span where he follows the Dream Team’s methods, science-backed treatments, and protocols. These methods, while curated to Paolo’s disease, will apply to anyone suffering physical and/or mental pain or pursuing alternative treatment methods for their symptoms they are desperately searching for relief and knowledge. The Medical Dream Team, along with their credentials and expertise, will be announced upon the initiation of filming. Additionally, Paolo is interviewing three of the nation’s top university film students in collaboration with the professors of these universities. These extremely talented students not only represent their universities department and program but the documentary as well. These students are pursuing their dream careers in film making, digital marketing, and public relations. These students will be selected the day after Thanksgiving and then announced, receiving national recognition. Paolo recognizes the younger generation is brimming with potential and seeks to offer them ample opportunities and direction for the real-world, resume-building experience. All they need is an opportunity like CPMHA.COM provides through the nation’s Top Gun Internship Program.

The documentary is currently in pre-production with plans to begin filming on January 1, 2022. Pre-biomarkers, data, and diagnostic tests, brain scans, MRIs, cutting-edge science-backed treatments, and products, along with consultations from the Medical Dream Team, will be conducted via zoom and using the iPhone 13 Pro Max with super storage. The film recorded footage. Will then be transferred to selected film students who will generate the final product and serve as producers and editors. “There’s more than one way to treat your symptoms”. The documentary itself will be released next year through a TBA streaming service worldwide.

Treatments and programs that are in discussions for the six-month documentary/ case study:

  • Hyperbaric chamber
  • Sauna therapy (Mid-infrared and far-infrared treatment) </strong
  • Cryogenic therapy.
  • NAD/IV vitamin therapy
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • PHD/MS Nutritional protocol
  • Sugar detox protocol
  • Intermittent fasting
  • 15 to 50 day fast
  • Customize an anti-inflammatory nutritional
  • Qigong 
  • Box breathing 
  • Meditation
  • Nighttime sound therapy, sound frequencies that aid particular symptoms
  • Sleep Health.
  • Dopamine detox trial
  • Customize physical therapy/exercise program.
  • Hematocrit treatment
  • Stretch based therapy
  • Compression therapy
  • Organic anti-inflammatory foods
  • Stimulating hair growth for scalp
  • Bloodletting
  • Photo therapy/ Bright light therapy

Only one from the list of treatments/protocols Will be used based to address torn ligaments, tendons, herniated disc’s stenosis of the spine without surgery. Based on the best course of action by the Medical Dream Team’s recommendation:

  • Regenokine
  • Ozone
  • Prolotherapy
  • PRP

Target Symptoms:  (hopefully the audience will gain a wealth of knowledge and science backed information only obtained by these brilliant minds of the dream team that would take years of research to learn on a world platform to watch and hopefully see some results and to have a better quality of life and pass this information forward to help others.)

 Additional symptoms that accelerating day today:

  • Cognitive issues (learning, memory, communication, etc.)
  • Early-onset dementia
  • On average 24 Migraines monthly
  • Severe chronic pain – knees, lower back, neck
  • Seizures
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Severe chronic pain  
  • Spinal Stenosis 
  • herniated discs within the lower spine
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight gain/ obesity/ food addiction
  • Hair loss due to medication, treatments, Age
  • Losing voice
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Focus.
  • Comprehension
  • Deteriorating vision/blindness
  • Sleep issues
  • Circulation numbness
  • Balance, RBC, Hemoglobin,
  • Optimize vitamin levels 
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver
  • Improved neuroplasticity and reduced neurodegeneration
  • Reduce inflammation
  • blood inflammation, plaque,   
  • Nutrition nutrients.
  • Food intake timing,
  • Life planning task scheduling daily. management agenda
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Addressing, Frustration, Anger, Rage 
  • Depression
  • Motivation
  • Memory
  • Sleep issues
  • Dependency issues