Online Support


  1. Our goal with this group is to be socially responsible- understand that this group is led by one of our team members who is not a trained professional. This support group is meant to be a tool for people to have their voices heard and to be offered coping strategies to help them by our team members and other members of the group. Be sure to research information shared on your own and ask your doctor their thoughts for you before trying anything new.
  2. Be polite in the group- no talking over someone else when it is not your turn. Everyone will get their time to share. We reserve the right to take you out of the group if you are not respectful of others.
  3. We are starting this small with limited topics so be sure to reserve a spot by filling out this form. We plan on expanding as resources become available to us.
  4. This group is for everyone- if you are a medical professional who has been fighting this virus on the frontlines, we welcome you to join. We are grateful for your continued efforts to keeping us healthy and safe while you risk your life caring for others.