Paolo Update

Paolo spoke to me on the phone today and told me:
“What drove me my whole life is that I am afraid to fail.”

He has been going through a tough time lately but what drives him to keep pushing and living is our mission. To improve quality of life, educate, and spread awareness about CTE/TBI.

Our goal is to educate and teach coping skills that will hopefully reduce physical, emotional and mental stress and pain that affects the “patients”- the athletes, veterans, and their families affected by CTE/ TBI.

Follow our story as we do our best to navigate this medical maze and improve lives.

If you know anybody suffering, do not hesitate to private message me or contact me on this page. If it is an emergency call 911, refer the person to, or drive them to then nearest hospital.

The possible signs and symptoms of CTE include
Extreme mood changes, irritability, aggression, speech and language difficulties, loss of motor control (weakness) impulsivity, trouble swallowing, vision and focusing problems, trouble with sense of smell, difficulty thinking, depression or apathy, short-term memory loss, difficulty planning and carrying out tasks, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts or behavior.


Here’s Paolo in the ER from last week. He’s a fighter!

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