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This page will consist of informational research from our team as well as other vehicles such as TV episodes, Internet links, medical articles, podcast, and resources outside of our personal story. This information will be helpful for someone or a family member who is battling with these issues and are seeking help for a range of symptoms that come from any of these subjects; concussions, physical, emotional, mental pain, as well as a variety of mental health issues. (our long-term goal is to have a medical professional assigned to this page).


By Remi Matsil, Sheridan Scott, Monisha Hanagal, and Ryan Blinn
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Suggested Articles

Detachment From Nature During Pandemic Linked With Depression, Anxiety Symptoms

‘Damage’ Review: Boxing’s Moral Quandary
To remain a fan of the sport—to cheer on the punishment and ignore its consequences—constitutes a cruel form of enabling.

10 Tips to Combat Substance Use during the Holidays
A challenge that often appears this time of the year is increased substance use during the holiday season. The holidays can be exhausting and stressful which can trigger mental health challenges.

US ‘Deaths of Despair’ From COVID-19 Could Top 75,000, Experts Warn
An additional 75,000 Americans could die by suicide, drugs, or alcohol abuse because of the COVID-19 pandemic, projections from a new national report released today suggest.

Parents must learn to control pandemic stress, anxiety with children at home
Parents and children are under stress as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and for many, their anxiety is heightened as distance learning is set to begin Aug. 31 in Palm Beach County public schools.

Suicidal Behavior More Common in Preadolescents Than Thought
The researchers found a lack of caregiver agreement regarding more than 75% of children who reported suicidal ideation or behaviors, “indicating that most caregivers were unaware of or otherwise unable to report information regarding their child’s suicidality,”

Study reveals common products linked to most traumatic brain injuries in kids
Traumatic brain injuries among children and teens in the United States are most often associated with everyday consumer products and activities, such as home furnishings and fixtures or sports, according to a new study.

Toward Diagnosing CTE in Living People
BU CTE researcher: Experimental brain scan reveals abnormal tau protein in former NFL players


Coping Skills and Resources

Resources on Taking Care of a Loved One with Brain Issues

10 Easy Self-Care Tips for Depression

Support group resources (organized by state)

CPMHA Toolkit

Neuroscience Research

Assessing Cognition: A Brief Overview of Neuropsychological Testing.
Are Females at a Greater Risk for CTE

Nutritional and Diet Research

Managing High Cholesterol
Beta-Blockers and Cryogenic Therapy


Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing with an Addict in Your Life

Rehab Success Rates and Statistics

*Disclaimer: Paolo is not a licensed doctor or therapist. He merely advises based on experience. He also advises people to do their own research and homework*

School Shooter Research

School Shootings in the Past 10 Years


Joe Rogan on CTE & Contact Sports
Joe Rogan – Cat Zingano on Her Brain Damage
Brian Sutterer MD – Does Antonio Brown Have CTE?

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