Who we are

Mission Statement + Core Values

We are a national not-for-profit, volunteer led, network of online support groups that shares professional, licensed resources and referrals for those struggling to find help within their budget. CPMHA.COM advocates for mental health awareness, prevention and treatment of Sports Post TBI/CTE, treatment of chronic pain, reducing stigma around mental illness, and non-addictive alternative treatments. In our Top Gun Internship program, we have selected students from the nation’s top universities to gain real life experience in their respective fields. While pursuing their degree, they work alongside our board of directors and ambassadors, made up of well-recognized industry professionals, in providing resources and support to those struggling from mental illness. We provide sports concussion prevention tips as well as valuable information for the athletes and their parents. In addition to addressing individual struggles, we also provide resources for affected families. We are a grassroots organization with plans to grow rapidly in the next year. All of these resources are free to the public. 100% of donations go to supporting our programs, resources and operations – we do not discriminate and we fight for equal access to support. We can all talk about this national health crisis; CPMHA.COM has decided to take action, using a generation of young people to make medical changes in a system that is broken. We make a difference in lessening the pain for those who may not know where to turn. We are grass roots, 501c3 organization starting by building and mastering our programs in Palm beach county Florida. As we expand, we are pursuing what we call a ‘hero’s journey’; aiming to touch lives nationwide.

CPMHA is dedicated to providing coping strategies
and resources such as:

National Online Support Groups




Our Free Online Programs in Development to come Spring 2021.
100% of donations raises goes to operations, our online programs, to help the national mental health crisis.
This is our way of contributing.


CPMHA Key Focus Areas:

values and vision1. National support groups and holistic treatments – By providing available national support groups, using our platform as an outlet, we allow participants to identify from our online index of pain points or current challenges. From there, we direct them to a day and time where they can anonymously attend an online meeting directed by a licensed physician.

Attendees are promised confidentiality, time dedication to sharing their story, and empathy from those facing similar issues and experiential or situational advice. This practice of ongoing storytelling will provide feedback where members of the CPMHA community can hope to identify and find similarities to their daily lives and to also walk away with tailored coping strategies.

CPMHA also has an online directory of holistic treatments and coping strategies that individuals can resource for self-practice. The CPMHA community can focus on natural remedies, where if practiced properly, can influence a positive change in one’s lifestyle and overall well-being.

2. Referrals, Resources, and Techniques  – To Release Stress and Anxiety in your Life, We provide helpful resources for you on our website under our resources dropdown as well as our podcast, Paolo’s Podcast.

3. Providing Training Techniques and Latest Sports Medicine Advice to Reduce Sports Concussions – Assisting the mindset and training techniques of amateur coaches and parents is a vital component of mental and physical health. Targeting the main pipeline for concussions and chronic pain from the initial source has the potential to curve issues youth may face in their later years. Honing in on daily drills, practice routines and generating a clearer understanding of causes and symptoms can decimate the outcome of threats these young athletes may face later in their life. For example, we advocate for baseline testing of the brain in youth contact sports along with their physical prior to their season

4. Providing available guidance to the school system – Working with the school system has the opportunity to provide available guidance to youth that may be struggling to find help. Understaffed facilities within America’s education system is a nationwide problem. CPMHA wants to work with schools to identify common pain points or struggles youth face. Combating these issues at early ages and developmental stages is a necessity for the prosperity of a generational breakthrough in chronic pain and emotional and physical health.